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The Canadian Mediterranean?

The Canadian Mediterranean is a thriving beachside community situated on the idyllic shores of the Salish Sea, nestled in the rain shadow of Mt. Arrowsmith on the east coast of central Vancouver Island. The Canadian Mediterranean has the mildest weather in Canada. This is a true Mediterranean climate (Csb type) with weather characterized by mild rainy winters and dry warm summers.

It’s been known by many names: ‘Where the dog salmon run,’ Oceanside, District 69, but officially it’s called Parksville-Qualicum Beach.

The Salishan natives hunted and gathered in the area for thousands of years before it was explored and mapped by the Spanish and then the English in the 1700s.

The area became known for its abundant resources namely salmon and wood – think huge salmon and gargantuan 800-year-old Douglas fir and Cedar trees.

Since being settled in the early 1900s, the area became internationally known as a resort destination with luminaries such as Errol Flynn, Bob Hope, the Queen of England, the king of Siam, and more, visiting to fish, hunt, hike and take in the natural splendour of the area. As word got out, a small retirement community began developing in the area until it was mostly a resort destination. That small retirement community began to grow significantly in the ’70s and ’80s making the area today a premiere Canadian retirement community with resort amenities.


enjoy yourself

Life is short. Spend it on Vancouver Island in the Canadian Mediterranean. Enjoy the fresh seafood, organic locally grown vegetables, fine cheeses and breads, restaurants perched on the ocean, beachcombing, car shows, festivals, a treehouse sphere hotel, lawn bowling, pickleball and tennis and a salt-water community pool.

We’ve got curling, multi-level seniors hockey, skydiving, private airplanes, an extensive art community including painting, pottery, glassblowing and glass art, dance programs, theatre productions, metalwork, carving and photography. The Canadian Mediterranean is a place to pursue your passions.




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Get Natural

Hiking for all levels of fitness from groomed town trails to the Trans-Canada trail, to the top of Mount Arrowsmith, there’s a hike for everyone. There’s mountain bike trails, bike paths, bike lanes and of course road biking.

There’s year-round golf, wilderness camping, glamping, sport fishing, sailing, kayaking, birdwatching, sea-creatures, wind surfing, beach picnics, walks on the beach, looking at the beach and combing the beach.


Take Advantage of the Oceanside

The Canadian Mediterranean, Parksville-Qualicum, Oceanside…call it what you like, if you’re moving from the Prairie Provinces, out East, Nunavut or taking advantage of the strong dollar and moving up from the United States, now is the time to do it. You’ll wish you had made the move years ago. Access to the Pacific Ocean year-round. Reasonable weather.  A unique and beautiful topography. An active community.  What more could you ask for?

The natural abundance and inviting climate of the B.C. coast have drawn people here for thousands of years. The natural abundance of B.C.’s 25,000 km of rugged coast drew First Nations here millennia ago and still draws people today. The Strait of Georgia – between Vancouver Island and the mainland – is part of the Salish Sea, the internal waterways of B.C. and Washington State, named for the Salish people who first populated the region.

  • My days are spent on the SUP, exploring our natural beauty and reading the paper in my favourite coffee shop. I feel younger than I've ever felt. (Must be something in the water!)

  • We get more guests visiting us from the Prairies than we ever did when we were living in Manitoba. The trick is, trying to get them to leave in a reasonable amount of time!

  • I love this island. Coming here was the best decision I've ever made!

  • Vancouver Island is the best! If you don't live here... what are you waiting for?

Kevin Carl

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